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Author Profile: (ELEANOR ST CLAIR)

I graduated with an MA from Bath Spa University, where I wrote a novel about social media and lies. Nowadays I spend my free time horse riding and trail running. 

DAY JOB: Content Designer

BOOKS/AUTHORS I MOST ADMIRE: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and Circe by Madeline Miller.


TITLE: The Mountain Runners

GENRE: Fantasy 

SETTING: Welsh valleys, 2020.

MY PROTAGONIST: Anwen, an educated young witch. She is trying to find a lost Welsh book which contains a cure for her mother’s curse but nothing is as it seems, and with wild magic on the rise, Anwen has to decide who to trust, and who to betray, if she is to survive.

THE USP: It’s a book with ancient creatures trying to survive in the modern world. And the creatures are Welsh. Like a giant bird who can speak human languages perfectly, but who has a dark past. Or a mine spirit, who is just trying to stop anyone else from getting hurt. 

SUMMARY: “What was definitely true, whatever you believed, was that the Rowan tree in the garden kept out dark shadows, and the animals on their smallholding were brighter than most.”

The Mountain Runners is the first book in a planned fantasy trilogy set in the South Wales valleys, loosely inspired by the structure of the first three branches of the Mabinogi, if it were set in 2020. The trilogy follows an educated young witch, Anwen Morgan, as she attempts to find a lost Welsh book which contains a cure for her mother’s curse.

Whilst out jogging in the forestry in the South Wales valleys, Anwen finds a horse skull, the key piece in a complicated spell which she manipulates to find the spellcaster. But the spellcaster demands she repay him…

SIMILAR AUTHORS? Neil Gaiman meets Joanne Harris?

WHO DO I WRITE WITH? I attend the main circle and the feedback group. Sometimes I’m persuaded to head to a local open mic to read some poetry... 

MY WEBSITE: At eleanorstclair.co.uk

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