RJ Spruce

I worked in education for over twenty years, until three years ago when it became impossible to be a lone parent, work full time and raise two autistic children. I decided to write a fun booklet for my nephew, the incentive being to educate him on the subject of alcohol before he became of legal age to drink. The booklet received positive reviews and I was encouraged to self-publish. What’s Your Tipple? is available on Amazon and Kindle.

This brief introduction to publishing my written work encouraged me to look at my other stories in an idea that they too may be suitable for public consumption.

My first complete novel, Seven Sleepers offers the reader an insight into the lives of seven identical strangers through the perspective of a misguided, narcissistic man. We experience the traumatic change to their lives when they meet him, are forced, or coerced into meeting his agenda; find each other, and a great deal more in the process. It also incorporates researched documentation of the fable, The Seven Sleepers. Feedback received to date has been very positive.

I am a member of the Swansea District and Writers Circle and have entered several of my short stories into competitions. I am currently spending my time writing two novels, Legacy House, a fictional novel with an unusual, but practical scenario of how suicide rates are drastically reduced in 2029, and a crime novel called Poor Little Rich Girl.

My short stories include Swansea originally written in 2009 (a phrase from which has been made into greetings cards), New Britain, a short story in the genre of sci-fi and many more.