Paula Montez

I have always enjoyed writing poems and never thought of publishing. A friend encouraged me to look into it and that is what prompted me to join SDWC. It turned out to be an excellent decision as I have had useful advice and it is inspiring to be in the company of people who also have a love of creative writing.
I have self-published a sample collection of 32 poems on Amazon Kindle and am working on a second book. My target market for my poetry is people who think that they don’t like poetry. For that reason, I’m not expecting to have a huge volume of sales!
Many people are put off by poems that are hard to understand and that contain cryptic metaphors. I write straightforward verse that doesn’t require a degree in English Literature to interpret. I want to entice people into the magical world of poetry where rhyme and alliteration are used in the same way as colourful paints are used by an artist.
My definition of a poem is:
A message in a bubble
That floats until it’s read.
Then all the words pop out
And stick inside your head

My book on Amazon is available for download or print. 

By the way, you don’t need a Kindle to acquire the e-book as you can download it onto your computer or via a Kindle app on your phone.


By way of introduction to the book, here is a poem:

Jumble Sale

This is a jumble sale of poems
Like clothes and bric-a-brac.
Please note that once you’ve read them,
You cannot bring them back.

Some of them are dated
And some are nearly new,
You might think some are pointless,
Like a single pining shoe.

Words of many colours,
Varying in style.
Different sizes, different textures,
But rhyming all the while.

Be gentle with these poems,
Don’t rip them all apart,
They’ve all been worn before
Like a coat around my heart.

There’s pleasure in the browsing
As you rummage, dip or flit,
In amongst the treasured mish-mash
You might find the perfect fit.

If you would like to see more examples of what I write, you can take a peek at my Instagram account @paula_montez_poetry

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