Mike Everley

I was born in the mining district of South Wales in another time, when coal was still king. Leaving school at fifteen I served an apprenticeship in electrical engineering before studying Philosophy, as a mature student, at Coleg Harlech, Aberystwyth University and the University of Leeds. I couldn’t have been too bad at it as they awarded me an MA and MPhil, probably to get rid of me. While at Aberystwyth I edited the student’s magazine Dragon.

However, my real love has always been writing and as a freelance writer I was a member of both the Society of Authors and the National Union of Journalists. My poetry, short stories and articles have appeared in numerous literary magazines, specialist magazines and general interest magazines. For example: New Statesman, Poetry Wales, The New Welsh Review, Cambrensis, Outposts, Window on Wales, Country Quest, Family Tree, Popular Craft and Amateur Gardening and most of the Croner publications. 

I even had a stint writing the Advertising Features for the Cambrian News! For my sins, I also coached students on creative writing courses run by the London School of Journalism and Writers News.

My interest in family history has led to me publishing seven books on Amazon, mainly of interest to family members, along with another ten books of more general interest: including those on art, poetry, short stories and philosophy..

Now retired, I feel less pressure and can write for pleasure rather than to pay the mortgage. However, this has a downside as stress and deadlines tend to focus the mind wonderfully. During the lockdown I developed an interest in game making and interactive fiction using Twine software. You can only paint the house so many times.

Please feel free to visit my website, where you will find games and interactive fiction that can be played on the site, as well as examples of my writing and a lot more. My twitter, Instagram and Facebook Blog are fairly new, so I am still uploading material to them.

Poetry and art

My artwork “Pit” in the Glyn Vivian Open Art Exhibition. A sneaky way of smuggling a poem into an Art Exhibition!

pit - art work
Me with Pit