Alan Bryant

Alan Bryant lives in Mumbles, conveniently situated between the bus stop, the chip shop and the castle he looks at in awe every day.

His first attempt at self publishing on Amazon was a 'how to' ebook on house buying. The Householders' Guide To Sanity was one of his greatest failures and he still looks back on it with a wistful smile.

Alan keeps telling himself, and anyone else who will listen, that he will soon finish his first novel. He started writing it in 1988 and its main theme is procrastination. At the present time he is trying hard to think of a good title, and a middle and an ending.

His main interests are reading and writing short stories. Some successes in competitions have come his way along with a few accepted for anthologies. Once upon a time a long, long time ago, he read his work on BBC Radio Wales. But that's another story.

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