Bryce Thomas Tells Tales

Bryce Thomas Author of Rhamin Bestselling children's author, graduate of law, and local farmer, Bryce Thomas will be sharing his spellbinding anthropomorphic secrets with us this month. Bryce Thomas is an award winning author from South Wales and gained the WBC Publishers Award for the Bestselling Children's Book 2012 for his engrossing story of real wolves and real children, where betrayal leads to a fight for survival. Get your fangs into some intense adventure, paranormal activities, fortune hunters, witches and many more amazing things inside Bryce's head at this months SDWC gathering. Discover more amazing things about Bryce at his website, WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 3rd 2018 -- 7PM TO 9PM CIVIC CENTRE SWANSEA Ask at the desk for a free car park token and check the room number. We are usually (but not always) in Committee room 3.


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