Science Fiction Millionaires

Our 1st Lieutenant Speaker for 2018 beams in from the Green Green Grass Galaxy of South Wales. Phasers at the ready for Alastair Reynolds. Alastair is the author of rather a lot of science fiction novels, as well as more than sixty pieces of shorter fiction, ranging in length from vignettes of a few hundred words to works that are almost short novels in their own right. He has published three collections of shorter work, as well as a few chapbooks containing one or two novella-length stories. As a highly respected author, Alastair was recognised by Gollancz when they signed him up for a £1 million contract in a 10 book deal. Also having worked for the European Space Agency, Alastair knows a thing or two about the Science behind the Fiction which fans have been exploring for many years. Don't miss this opportunity to meet Alastair and listen to him talking SciFi with Swansea & District Writers Circle. Stardate 71570.3 (that's Wednesday February 7th 7.00pm for us non Trekkies) at Civic Centre Swansea. Check out more about Alastair at  


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