April 2022 Guest Speaker, Dr Alan Bilton

Our speaker in April was Dr Alan Bilton of Swansea University.

Alan Bilton is an author, critic and academic, specializing in silent film, slapstick comedy and surrealism. He is the author of three novels, ‘The Sleepwalkers’ Ball’ (Alcemi, 2009), ‘The Known and Unknown Sea’ (Cillian Press, 2014) and ‘The End of the Yellow House’ (Watermark Press, 2020) and a collection of surreal short stories, ‘Anywhere Out of the World’ (Cillian, 2016). He is also the author of ‘Silent Film Comedy and American Culture’ (Palgrave, 2013), ‘;America in the 1920s’ (Helm, 2004) and ‘An Introduction to Contemporary American Fiction’ (Edinburgh University Press, 2002).

For more information visit: https://alanbilton.co.uk/