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4th December: Eleanor St Clair

 Does the idea of tweeting fill you with terror? The thought of posting pictures to Instagram make you shrivel up inside? Or maybe you're already winning on social and you just want to fine-tune your skills to target agents or potential readers?

On Wednesday 4th December we will be talking with one of our own members, Eleanor St Clair, about all things digital marketing.

Our Speaker

Social media can be both an advantage and a disadvantage to authors: it opens us up to a much bigger audience, but we're also much closer to them, with no editors or filters (barring the pretty ones on Instagram). Social media is instant and permanent. So we need to know what our author brand is and how we show it through our interactions online.

Eleanor St Clair was born in a small village in South Wales and for a short while worked as a Molecular Biologist. After falling asleep on a microscope, an incident that left her with red rings around her eyes for days, she realised that this career was not for her.

She turned to her true love — writing —working three jobs whilst studying to complete her Masters. Her favourite job was in a traditional sweet shop because Sundays were quiet and she could write under the counter whilst sucking a sherbet lemon. Now she freelances for companies all over the country from her tiny cottage in South Wales and her days consist of copywriting and social media marketing.

She also works with writers to help them develop their author brand and social media presence. She reserves the night-time for make-believe worlds and gathering inspiration for her stories.



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